(By SFist MiHi Ahn)

The Kinsey Sicks is one of those San Francisco acts we've been hearing about for years, but never managed to see in-person. Alas. But much to our delight, gave us the opportunity to see them on the big screen, and made us regret not seeing them sooner.

Let's back up a bit: back in 1993, five friends--mostly lawyers and buttoned-up, white-collar, professionals--dressed in drag for a Bette Midler concert, liked how it felt, and soon found themselves with new careers alternatives. We finally got to sample a little bit of the fan-love surrounding this political, drag, a cappella groups when we saw the premiere of their new documentary at the Frameline Festival this past (Pink) Saturday. Almost Infamous follows the "drag-a-pella" group at a critical moment as they move from being a touring act to an open-ended run in Las Vegas.

The drama that ensues is somewhat predictable but nonetheless harrowing. Will the Kinsey's sell out to the cheap, brightl-colored Vegas machine or maintain their artistic integrity? Will the stress of hitting the big time bring them closer together or blow them apart? Why does Chris Dilley (who plays Trampolina) make such bitchy comments about his arguably superior singing voice? Does he not know how vile this makes him seem?

The Kinsey Sicks: Almost Infamous