With her pet pooch resting on her shoulder, Kaili Oteri over at SF Metblogs had an unfortunate encounter at a local cafe over the weekend while waiting in line. It seems some "foul man-pile" verbally assaulted her because her dog was in her arms at coffee joint. Having your best friend at a cafe, it seems, it against the law. "It’s the law',' screamed the cranky man. '"Are you above the law? I’ll call the Board of Health." Oteri then somehow managed not to throw hot coffee in his face.

And, yes, it's technically unlawful to bring in your pet canine into a dining establishment, but.. but all doggies need tender baby kisses and lots of special tender ove hugs. Surely, those two technicalities trump such an unfair law, right? And isn't SF, the Paris of the U.S., the place to do it?