Wimbledon, that top-drawer tennis championship played on grass way over on the other side of the pond, is currently underway. What's more, it's coming under fire for "using marksmen to shoot down dive-bombing pigeons" interfering with the matches on Centre Court.


Typically, Wimbledon uses scary hawks to halt (arguably) adorable pigeons from game interference. The bully birds, however, haven't done the trick this year. Wimbledon spokesman Johnny Perkins tells ESPN, "the hawks are our first line of deterrent, and by and large they do the job...but unfortunately there were one or two areas where the hawks didn't deter the pigeons, so it was deemed necessary to take a harder approach."

The loons over at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, it goes without saying, are peeling the yellow wallpaper off the wall about the bird deaths. And, sadly, we agree with them. Shudder.

Baby pigeon nest: Eve Batey/Aviator Ear