Oh my, today's Police Blotter in the Examiner is satisfying. First off, some family in the Inner Richmond Outer Sunset got into a huge, bloody fight over rice preparation, wherein the father was arrested for domestic violence. That alone is priceless. (Note to wife: rent , the feel-good movie of the '80s. It will teach you how to effectively deal with these kinds of situation.)

But what's most impressive is that some some guy, dissatisfied with a sex worker at an undisclosed strip club in the "Central" area of San Francisco, did the following:

Tip taker: A dancer at an adult club on Broadway said a customer argued with her after giving her a $100 tip and subsequently took it back and ran from the club at 1:45 p.m. June 6.

That's just mean. Also, $100? Is that normal? Must've happened at the Gold Club (where we've secretly been DYING to go.) And, clearly, we're clearly in the wrong racket.

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