Wait, really?

BeyondChron's Paul Hogarth has a depressing article up about the Tenderloin's newest and ugliest building, above, offering up their street-level one-bedroom apartment for a whopping $1,500/month. For that. At Turk and Hyde. In a space where people are sure to kick in your window and sexually assault you twice a day.

BC goes on to point out that, yes, it is priceless when it comes to people watching, but the fact that this street-level space isn't being used as commercial property is a but perplexing. We can't image ever getting to sleep in that space sans the assistance of sweet Ambien.

Anyway, the place is available at the start of July. Slowly but surely, we are giving up on the idea of ever landing a one-bedroom or studio space in the TL. Sigh.

Image credit: BeyondChron