Federal funding? For bikes? Wow. The good news is that by the time that funding becomes reality, the City might be done with the environmental impact review of the Bike Plan. A review, by the way, that's been going on since November. 2006. Hey, guys, could you perhaps do that any slower? The Bike Coalition estimates that the EIR will be done sometime in mid-2009, which will make it nearly three years that the city hasn't striped a new lane or installed a new rack.

Wow. We've gotten to the point where a presidential candidate is doing more for cycling than the government of San Francisco. Part of us recognizes that these things take time, the other part of us thinks that if Mayor Newsom wanted it to go faster, the EIR would be done by now. Obama, on the other hand, not only supports bikes, he is your new bicycle!

Photo from flickr user editrix used under a Creative Commons license.