UCB's plans to mow down an oak grove and put up a sports training facility were put on hold. It seems a judge halted the plans until "the university can prove the project would not violate state earthquake-safety laws, a judge ruled Wednesday," says the Gate. The university, though, thinks it's a rule in their favor, keeping "their plan alive, arguing that the center would not violate state law because it would not touch any fault lines."

But the tree-sitters, who have been nesting in the oaks since last year, are thrilled:

"We are ecstatic," said Stephan Volker, attorney for the California Oak Foundation, which sued the university two years ago. "We believe this project is now dead." The city of Berkeley and a group of neighbors living near the stadium also filed lawsuits to block the project.

Oddly enough, Dumpster Muffin's crying fit atop one of the trees yesterday afternoon -- as if daddy were taking away her AmEx -- did not manage to get her forcefully pulled from the oak. (What's more, her non-baptismal name is currently our favorite among the tree squatters.)

In the end, though, the ruling will most likely favor the university. Presumably they just need to wait until the last activist scurries out of the grive, and then they'll bring in the chainsaws. Stay tuned.