Get ready to bowl, swill buckets of white Russians (shudder), and sport your best Jeff Bridges-ish costumery. This September, you see, the Lebowski Fest will roll into SF.


Conceived by Will Russell, 31, and Scott Shuffitt, 34, in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky in 2002, the idea came about while the two adorable geeks were bored at a tattoo convention, quoting lines from the Coen brothers classic to pass the time. Soon, vendors at the convention were quoting lines as well, and -- poof! -- the Big Lebowski Festival was born.

While the festival has made the rounds in the Midwest and New York, it's finally come to SF. What happens at a Lebowski Fest, you ask? Lots. There will be a screening party at Mezzanine (9/5), a bowling party at the Classic Bowling Center (9/6), live bands, costume and trvia contests, and much more.

Tickets go on sale June 27 via, and you can sign up on the mailing list for more info here.