The battle to save an oak grove on the UC-Berkeley campus turned even uglier yesterday. Protesters sang bizarre Native American-ish sounding songs (seriously, check this out) and threw buckets of urine at police and arborists (where "an acrid tang hung in the air afterward." Ew.)

One female tree-sitter was forcibly and understandably removed and placed into custody after she bit an arborist. Millipede, as she now goes by, was arrested and might possible be booked on for assaulting a police officer. Check out footage of her throwing a major temper tantrum as she's yanked from the mighty oak by police officers.

According to the Save the Oaks site, they would like you to "do whatever you can to save the Oak Grove, no matter what the 'Court' says. Come to the Grove! Bring your friends and help us stop any attempt to extract tree sitters and tear down our Trees!” Chortle.

As of now there remains anywhere from 8 to twelve protesters sitting in the trees. No word yet as to how the university plans on removing them all. But stay tuned. It sure will be fun to watch.