We briefly touched on this yesterday, that someone at City Hall had a heart attack during the celebration cum protest. According to SF Weekly, local AIDS activist Michael Petrelis saw what went down. Apparently, a local troubadour -- who might or might not be named "Joni" or "Francis" or... something -- was singing a song of love to Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon just before going into cardiac arrest:

A few minutes after Joni led us in singing "All You Need is Love," and at about the same time Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon were exchanging marriage vows, Joni collapse. I was standing a few feet away from him as firefighters began performing CPR.

As he was suffering a heart attack, the Bilerico Project reports on what God's soldiers had the nerve to say:

One of the Christian protesters (pictured at right) was chanting at his body - "Satan Got You!" "What is the Devil whispering in your ear about now?"

"Joni," Petrelis goes on to say, is in the hospital right now, in "guarded condition."

Image: Storm Bear