We like the homeless, and we loathe talking too much shit about folks without homes because (arguably) it's like kicking a dog while it's down. Homeless people not only fill out the other end of the bell curve of living the capitalist lifestyle (thanks, guys!), but they're also the eyes and ears of this city when it comes to reporting crimes and seeing brutal things go down in neighborhoods where most of you would never dream of going.

They also stick up for the city of San Francisco and its alleged loopiness. Take, for example, the above image and what Jameth witnessed as it went around Civic Center last night:

OK. This shit was hilarious. First of all, the truck circled around for hours and gas is at nearly $5/gal.

Second, all this same-sex ruckus awoke the crazy folk that lounge around Civic Center all day. We witnessed one of the crazies run into the road and stand in front of the truck, much like Tank Man. HILARITY.

I don't care what people say about the crazy homeless people in SF. They all hate these bigots and started picking fights with all of them because they had nothing better to do and nothing to lose if they got arrested for assault/battery. It was awesomely amusing.