SFists Wendy and Alex won't mess with Texas! And get some tasty pretzels after.

Everything’s bigger in Texas. Apparently even monsters. We had no idea what to expect heading to the Roxie the other night for the Another Hole In The Head horror film fest to see Wild Man of the Navidad. It comes courtesy of the producer of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre so we figured it might be good for a bit of a scare and maybe a few laughs.

We encountered some technical difficulties at the start - so while someone from the festival ran home to get a DVD copy WITH sound, we had a little time to go next door to purchase some libations…the good kind…you know, the kind that you need a brown paper bag around. The one thing we have to mention in this review that has nothing to do with the movie is the service at the Roxie. The Roxie folks rule. While we were still milling about in the refrigerated section of the convenience store next door, the Roxie ticket guy found us to tell us the movie had arrived and was about to start…now that’s class. Ok, now on to the movie.

After the jump -- the yeti of Sublime, Texas -- and not included in the review, but did we mention we might have all met up for some tasty pretzels afterwards?

SFists Wendy and Alex, contributing.