Over at the Niles Banquet Hall in Fremont on Saturday night, five men were stabbed (while a sixth suffered a serious head injury) after five uninvited guests tried crashing a wedding. After being asked to leave, it seems, the creeps got brutal after one member of the clan pulled out a knife. According to the Oakland Tribune, "one victim was found lying facedown on the sidewalk and stabbed in the back several times. Another was found with blood on the inside of his leg and several stab wounds."


Beer and budding masculinity, of course, are being blamed for Saturday night's melee. "Anytime we have a gathering that includes young men and alcohol, it can attract problems," said Fremont Lt. Mark Devine.

The suspects managed to flee the scene before police arrived. No arrests have been made. Anyone with info on the suspects and looking to snitch can call Fremont police at 510-790-6800.