Sigh. OK, it's like this:

We yanked our hair out, sobbed in terror, and wrung our withered hands dry, agonizing over whether or not SFist should post these images, this following story. But, you see, it's all a wee bit graphic. (OMG, out of the blue we have an editorial filter?! Jesus Christ.) But at the same time, we'd hate to not inform you of yesterday's very important moment in liveblogging history: a crazy who crapped in the doorway of Hole In the Wall, cried rape, and then was whisked away by paramedics. That said, we'll let our dear, potty-mouthed friends over at The Sword take this one.

It goes without saying, the entire thing, caught live by Jameth, is totally NSFW. And gross. You've been warned.

In related news, did you know that you can buy your breakfast cereal on Amazon? What's more, some of the grocery section's top sellers are coffee, , and diapers? Strange.