Park Chalet -- which, it seems, provides the average hungry eater or thirsty drunk an "unmatched indoor/outdoor atmosphere" -- is hosting a singles event. For cougars. You know, women of-a-certain age? Ladies 35 or older who get damp over boyish jailbait? They're having some sort of mass gathering later this month. Sort of like a cast party for Dateline: to Catch a Predator, only socially acceptable. Check it:

FIRST-EVER SINGLE COUGARS PARTY Thursday, June 12, 7-9pm -- all ages [What?!?-- SFist]

As seen on KRON4 TV News.
We're excited about the Bay Area's first-ever Single Cougars Party! Based on Cougar, by Valerie Gibson. Cougars are older women dating younger men. Guys, here's your chance to break the taboo of meeting and dating older women!

$10 at the door includes a Mixer Game, that makes it EASY to meet people; accompanied by complimentary appetizers for those who arrive on time, plus live music. Thursday, June 12, 2008, 7pm. Adults of all ages welcome. Dress to impress!