It's Part Two of the California Primary, where the state in its struggles to be "relevant" in the presidential primary by moving its election date up to the first possible date that you could set without having to go through a horrible shouting Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting on CSPAN (i.e., Super Tuesday), ended up artificially depressing turnout on the rest of our state primaries and, ironically, would have done better on the presidential primary relevancy question if we'd waited until today to pick between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton anyways! California is the best state in the union (by which we mean the most unable to plan ahead in any meaningful kind of way).

Sounds like we're all burned out on elections -- turnout's pretty low, and we, for one, didn't even bother doing our usual half-ass guide to the propositions for our faithful readers and figured we'd just wing it in the ballot box. Whose bright idea was it to move the primary again?

We're not getting too many "I voted" stories either -- but if you have one, post it the comments! For what it's worth, when we voted this morning, we were only the 9th person to vote in our precinct by 8:30 a.m. They must have anticipated low turnout too because we got moved from the big conference room where we usually vote to a tiny classroom instead. We saw no one canvassing by the BART, and no one besides us wearing an "I Voted" sticker either on the train or in our office. This is not a good sign for turnout (and thus explains the question mark at the end of this post's title.)