Here at SFist, we are not impressed with percussive instruments. Calling a drum circle "music" is like calling crosswalk stripes "a painting." But there's something sort of impressive about an experienced cable car bell-ringer, so gosh darn it we can't quite manage to fully roll our eyes at today's annual Muni Cable Car Bell Ringing Contest (noon in Union Square), at which Gavin Newsom and several local news personalities (please Jan Wahl, please Jan Wahl, please Jan Wahl) will judge clanking sounds and award prizes.

We think it's great that Gavin's taking an interest in Muni for once. Oh, hey, is he going to be participating in any of the other APTA conference panels about safety, traffic planning, rail corridors, energy conservation, budgeting, and so on? Mmmmmmaybe. Probably not. Because Muni is already perfect and requires no further corrective intervention. Aside from competitive bell-ringing.