By Eyleen Tavy

The Chronicle's Inside Scoop is reporting that newlywed Loni Anderson -- she of the tight sweaters and even tighter, um, shoes -- is registered at locally-based company Williams-Sonoma. Oh, how we love famous folks' registrys, and before you say it, Loni (holy crap, YOB 1945? We are old) is famous. After all, you knew who we were talking about, right?

While we're still running late on gifts for our sister (married Dec 2002) and our brother (since divorced, nevermind), we're definitely getting something for Loni and Bob. But, shit, a $2500 espresso maker (we yelp, having no idea how much an espresso maker should cost)? Seriously? In fact, we can't afford any of that crap! We seem to recall that Jennifer Marlowe refused to cook. Guess that's why they call it acting.