Tomorrow, on what will reportedly be a hot day, government officials and and local activists will ask you to bike to work to "promote pedal power." While your Editor won't be riding anywhere tomorrow, SFist Jonathan manages to pedal from San Francisco to Palo Alto almost every day, so one day out of the year won't kill you, will it? Just be sure to stay hydrated; swipe on your toughest deodorant; snap on that fug helmet of yours; and leave the indignant, self-righteous attitude at home. And have fun.

Also, it goes without saying, please be careful. We just received word from a reader, Andrea, who witnessed a collision between a DeSoto Cab and a cyclist early this morning while riding the 24-Divis. She tells SFist:

I was on the 24 bus this morning around 8:40 when a DeSoto cab hit a person on a bike at the intersection of Divisadero and Geary. It was pretty scary and the bicyclist was on the ground in the middle of the intersection. I'm a new transplant to the Bay Area so I'm not sure if this is a notorious intersection for bike accidents, but it certainly seems like it could be. Anyway, just wanted to bring it to your attention and the numerous Bay Area bike riders.

No word yet as to the condition of the cyclist. If we hear anything, we'll update.

Anyway, back to BTWD: there will also be "energizer stations" -- where you can grab something free to drink and/or eat, like orange juice, bagels, and bananas -- dotted along Bay Area bike routes from San Francisco to Yountville. For a list of San Francisco's "energizer stations," follow the jump. For a comprehensive list, go here.