Oh, the East Coast. It tickles us ever so.

Last year Cornell University's
Erin Geld wrote something or other about the Cosby's neighborhood as a bastion of coke-fueled cool, and all of the hipsters freaked the fuck out on her via the comment thread on a Gawker post. It seems that Geld trashed Brooklyn and its allegedly (un?)cool scene, so people went batshit. Or something like that. (Being a story about NYC and Ivy Leaguers, we're sure it's much more complicated than we could possibly understand.)

Anyway, her feelings we hurt so much by the angularly-haired that she moved here to San Francisco. (Welcome, Erin!) Here's what she says in Newsweek online about living among the hipsters in Baghdad by the Bay:

So, I eschewed the Ithaca-to-Williamsburg trend and went west to San Francisco. It is, surprisingly, almost more packed with bandanna babies than Brooklyn. They lounge in Dolores Park with organic sandwiches and two-buck Chuck as if it were stale bagels and PBR on Bedford Avenue. They are similar: name-dropping obscure bands, writing novels "secretly" and being endearingly vain. But in the Mission’s sweet-smelling cloud of tolerance, hipsters are relaxed and just a bit more lovable.