Hurt feelings have translated into a gruff Bay Guardian op-ed piece over last week's endorsement of Mark Leno over Carole Migden in the Third Senate District race. Penned by top-tier progressives (and then some) Bill Barnes, Chris Daly, Michael Goldstein, Robert Haaland, Joe Julian, Eric Mar, Rafael Mandelman, Eric Quezada, and Debra Walker (we can only imagine who was fucking dying to get mentioned on that clique list), the letter tells the SFBG that they fucked up and have single handedly sent the city of San Francisco into a death-spiral, or something like that.

But we did enjoy this paragraph:

Migden is a scrappy street fighter who helps other scrappy street fighters. As one of the very first queers and one of the first women to take political power at these levels, she had to be. Someday progressive politics may not need scrappy street fighters (and someday maybe women will be better represented in public office) — but not yet.

Obvious well-that-explains-her-hair hilarity aside, we love the image of her as a scrappy street fighter, duking it out with some other soft-butch at the Lex. Aw.