We gasped at the sight: the San Francisco Public Library's Bookmobile cozying up to our favorite El Tonayense truck on Harrison near 20th. Now we truly have everything we need. Well, almost. Maybe the folks at Cafe Gratitude will let us us the restroom.

A recent Los Angeles Times op-ed called taco trucks "oases of meat and cheer in the night" -- an allusion, perhaps, to those famous early lines of Virgil's Aeneid:

The jolly crew, unmindful of the past,
The quarry share, their plenteous dinner haste.
Some strip the skin; some portion out the spoil;
The limbs, yet trembling, in the caldrons boil;
Some on the fire the reeking entrails broil.
Stretch'd on the grassy turf, at ease they dine,
Restore their strength with meat, and cheer their souls with wine.

They don't sell wine at the El Tonayense truck, but maybe you can get a copy of the Aeneid from the bookmobile to cheer your soul while you savor your burrito.

Warning: do not read this passage from the Aeneid aloud in the vicinity of Cafe Gratitude - it just wouldn't be nice.