Our fellow SFisters weren’t alone in the lyrical department this week. We signed on for the SFIFF's In the City of Sylvia, a film described as “simple” and “classical.” More importantly for us – since we love all things French (or almost) – the film was set in Strasbourg. It wasn’t until we already had our ticket and were ready to enter the theater that we learned that our “French” simple, classical film was also “atmospheric,” “slow-moving,” and that it would be a “full 35 minutes before anyone speaks.” Oh no!

We must admit that we then attempted to trade in our Sylvia ticket for another film, and after no success, prepared ourselves for 90 minutes of meditation. Struggling to remember those breathing techniques that we never paid much attention to in yoga class, we om’ed a few times and entered the theater.

After the jump: who's Sylvia? Is she the lady in the picture above?

SFist Wendy, contributing.

Were you snoring next to SFist Wendy at the movies the other night?