OK, we're cutting it close here, time-wise. But since it's happening at 4 p.m., it feels inappropriate to stick this SFist Tonight. You see, Mario Batali is appearing at Book Passage in the Ferry Building this afternoon. While he's no Joanne Weir--who can do no wrong-- he is one of the few Food Network regulars who has yet to become grating (i.e., Rachael Ray), vile (i.e., Bobby Flay), or deeply harrowing (i.e., Sandra Lee), and still manages to pick up a best chef of the year award here and there.

For more info on his appearance shilling his new tome, Italian Grill, go here for more details.

Also, while you're there, please advise him of the nearest Sak's for Men. Because this is unacceptable. Bobby Flay-ish unacceptable.