The opening night movie of the San Francisco International Film Festival was Director Catherine Breillat's The Last Mistress. Now, you may be wondering why we're writing about The Last Mistress now when opening night was over a week ago. Well, SFIFF has a hold policy on certain movie reviews until they open commercially, but we can't stop talking about the actor in The Last Mistress, Fu'ad Aït Aattou and his honking big lips and we desperately need to get this out of our system.

This man had lips so big it looked like someone had sewn an engorged vagina on his face. The moment old vagina face made his appearance on the screen we were overcome with an animal desire to do unspeakable things to his face. We're not sure what sort of unholy union could produce lips like that. Maybe Angelina Jolie had sex with a pillow? Can he even eat with those things? If you're a vegetarian and you kiss him, are you technically a vegetarian anymore, because those are some meaty suckers he's got stuck to his face.

See? We're not giving any plot points away! More discussion of Mr. Aattou's lips after the jump. We cannot find a full-facial picture of Mr. Aattou anywhere in our collection of press photos, but here's a collection of pictures of him off Google Images.

SFist Mihi, contributing.

SFist Mihi is careful not to violate the Hold Review policy of the SFIFF when writing up her review of soon-to-be-blockbuster opening night movie The Last Mistress!