We’ve said it before, but man, those Swedish musicians are so hot right now. Our current favorite is Tobias Froberg—described on his myspace page as “a Swedish massage for your ears”. Whatever that means, check out his single “Under the Radar”-- it is pure poppy goodness. He’ll be playing tonight at the Swedish American Hall (yes, really). Froberg will open fellow Swede Peter MOren, of PBnJ, and yes, even he of the might whistling ability. Tobias answered a few of the feared SFist interview questions below.

The best fans are....
Everywhere. Dull answer perhaps, but once you get inside of a venue and start to play the audience is pretty much the same everywhere you go in the world. But off course, it can differ from night to night. Sometimes the biggest cities can be the toughest ones to play, but sometimes they are the best.

Best venue to play
I like Koko club in London. But there are a lot of really good venues all around. I’ve only been to San Fran one time before, and that was a great venue, even though I don’t remember the name.

Favorite song to play these days
On this tour, it’s “Just behind a brick wall” since Peter Morén (Peter Bjorn and John) sings with me both on my album and on stage.