After much hair-pulling, open letters, and Cathy-trying-on-a-bikini hysterics, SF Bay Guardian decided to endorse Mark Leno in the Third Senate District race. This goes against SF Supervisor Chris Daly's expresses wishes that the Guardian endorse Carole Migden.

SFBG breaks it down in length in this week's issue, but here's a snippet of their pro-Leno rationalizing:

While Leno is too close to Newsom, we will note that Migden is far too close to Gap founder and Republican leader Don Fisher, one of the most evil players in local politics. She proudly pushed to put Fisher — who supports privatizing public schools — on the state Board of Education.

A prominent local progressive, who we won't identify by name, called us several months ago to ask how were going to come down in this race, and when we confessed indecision, he said: "You know, I really want to support Carole. But she makes it so hard."

With Mayor Gaving Newsom and the "locally-owned" alt weekly endorsing le Leno, it looks like the election is his to lose at this point.

Agree? Disagree? Should politicians ever again try telling publications what to do via an open letter on their personal site? (Hint: no) Can we get a "o hai!" from Joe Nation supporters out there, if any?