Gee, this is rich. At a sci-fi conference in Michigan recently, some gent kindly created a system that allowed women to easily express permission for men to fondle them -- what an altruist! And his remarkable, breathtaking, totally unforeseeable discovery: people feel uncomfortable when they are asked to publicly specify their preferred level of anonymous sexual contact.

This is how the guy explained his project:

I wish this was the kind of world where say, 'Wow, I'd like to touch your breasts,' and people would understand that it's not a way of reducing you to a set of nipples and ignoring the rest of you, but rather a way of saying that I may not yet know your mind, but your body is beautiful.

Now, if you really want to tell someone that they're beautiful, you can say, well, just that. We have to think that women would rather hear "you're beautiful" than "can I do something that would violate the boundaries of any healthily socialized individual."