Sharks- A team many people thought would contend for the Cup is once again choking as they now fall 3-0 to the Dallas Stars. The Sharks just might be the Obama of hockey-- all promise, dazzle, and hope yet with a seeming inability to win when it counts, get tough when it's needed, and show fire when things go bad. On the other hand, if the Sharks really were the Obama of the NHL, the Stars would be down 0-3 yet they'd still be arguing that they were ahead because they've had much more shots on goal which is a better indicator of which team is better than points and while the Sharks scored more goals in the first period than the Stars, the first period doesn't really count.

Raiders- Our first reaction to the McFadden pick? Bwah! Only the Raiders would draft somebody in the one position they have plenty of instead of in a position they don't. Somebody elsewhere (we can’t remember where) pointed out that the AFC West is dominated by big, bad RBs (Larry Johnson, LT, whomever the Broncos throw out there), most of whom light up the Raiders D like a pancheco machine yet the Raiders took a pass on Glen Dorsey, the guy everyone thinks is a monster run stuffer.

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