A three-alarm inferno burned a total of four buildings around 7:30 p.m. last night in the Little Hollywood neighborhood of San Francisco. According to AP, the fire started out "in a wood-frame building with commercial space on the first floor and a residential flat above it." Winds helped carry the flames to two adjacent buildings, leaving a total of ten people temporarily homeless. No one was seriously injured.

In other news, there's a neighborhood in San Francisco called Little Hollywood! Which: we have no idea where it is, exactly. Is it next to Little Hollywood Launderette near the Orbit Room? In Bayview? In the imagination of some crafty real estate agent? Please advise. Not a single report on the fire seems to know where this mysterious neighborhood is either.

Update: Little Hollywood, it seems, is in South San Francisco. No wonder we've never heard of it before.

Update #2: Little Hollywood is, in fact, in SF proper, people. It's not in South San Francisco, which, it seems, does not start south of Glen Park. Crazy!