College students, when will you ever learn? Never--never!-- try to to do the right thing by organizing a worker's union at your job. This is the quickest way to get wrongfully terminated. Case in point: Mountain View-based, a start-up online company that bills itself as "a marketplace for college students" (see also: Craigslist), fired two of their Cal Poly student workers allegedly for trying to unionize the company.


According to Indybay:

After being subjected an unannounced pay cut from $10/hr to $8/hr, Cal Poly student marketing representatives Austin Garrido and Sarah Doolittle were fired by their employer, Mountain View-based, for attempting to organize a worker's union. The students were fired from their part-time jobs 20 minutes after posting a message in an online inter-company form announcing their intention to form a union. Doolittle and Garrido have filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board.

Since the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 rendered it illegal to can an employee for trying to organize a union, we feel bad for these two. Especially if they were in fact fired for being shit-stirrers. But then again, using the inter-company form to announce their plans for unionization? That is, for lack of a better word, adorable. It's always cute to hear about dewy-fresh-out-college types whose souls have yet to be pulverized by the reality of the workplace.

Anyway, according to Poly Post, has yet to comment on the two, possibly illegal firings.