She is becoming a woman after our own heart, that Jen.

According to the Gate, the future First Lady of San Francisco accidentally registered as a member of the all-too-exclusive American Independent Party. As M&R tell it:

"[T]he onetime Republican registered as a member of the American Independent Party - the anti-immigrant, anti-abortion, anti-NAFTA and anti-tax party."

This is something we would totally do, similar to the many years we spent as a member of the Green party. Anyway, it seems she meant to register as an independent (i.e.., decline to state.) But a good chunk of the 2 percent of Californians who are registered as American Independent Party members have, perhaps, done so accidentally (especially when compared to such lesser parties as "the Greens [0.77 percent], Libertarians [0.5 percent], and Peace and Freedom [0.35 percent.]") Matier and Ross go on to point out that "the secretary of state is working on redesigning registration forms." Hopefully, this will make it more clear as to whether you want to unalign yourself with a specific political party, or you want to hate on women and those brown people.