Unless you're a major wonk, there's no need to watch the above footage in its entirety. (It's Obama prattling on endlessly about losing to Clinton in Pennsylvania, how he'll win, how some of his best friends are white trash, "yes we can," health care, change, lobbyists, unicorns, apple pony princesses, etc.) Just check out the three pieces of tail standing in the background. They're all sporting noticeable Abercrombie & Fitch designs. Barf.

But as Althouse points out today: why are said pieces of tail wearing A&E couture? One, two, three--all of them are wearing threads from the Castro's favorite design house. Coincidence? Who's to say. But what we can say (with some certainty) is that they were all placed there. So, is Obama trying to reach out to the gays? The fratboy demographic? Both?