You're so mean, eBay.

What did they do this time, you ask? Well, today they filed a lawsuit against Craigslist in a Delaware court. Why? According to the New York Times, Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster "took actions that unfairly diluted eBay’s economic interest in the company." (EBay snatched up a 28.4 percent minority interest in the company back way in 2004.) EBay Senior VP Mike Jacobson goes on to tell the NYT:

"The recent actions by the Craigslist directors have disadvantaged eBay and its investment in Craigslist," said Mike Jacobson, eBay's senior vice president and general counsel, in a written statement. “Since negotiating our investment with Craigslist's board in 2004, we have acted openly and in good faith as a minority shareholder, so we were surprised by these recent unilateral actions. We are asking the Delaware court to rescind these recent actions in order to protect eBay’s stockholders and preserve our investment."

First its evil twin, and now this. But we are curious about these alleged "unilateral actions." Any guesses?