You know how foot patrol police officers in SF are far and few between? How they're pretty much only used to protect the West Approach overpass during construction, homosexual pride events, and Olympic torches? We exaggerate, of course. But barely.

Anyway, a Massachusetts-based public safety consulting firm recently released a report on our poor police foot-patrol situation. According the Gate:

[The report] found that the Police Department has failed to fully implement a foot-patrol program mandated by the Board of Supervisors. It said the department has been lax about administering the program and has failed to keep adequate records of the patrols. It found, for example, that foot-patrol officers don't even have a written job description.

Heath Fog fought back against the report with the mighty pen, posting a lengthly rebuttal to the report on the department's site--a letter too hot for your eyes. In it she admits that "the management of the pilot program could have been better." Then she throws in a lot of buts, howevers, and statistics. And the Board of Supervisors? Freaked out. The letter was then removed this past Monday.

Luckily SF Citizen pieced together the redacted letter in its entirety from caches of web crawlers. Read the letter you aren't meant to read after the jump!