Every now and then, we get this sinking sense that we do not understand the mindset of people different from ourselves. And for once, we're not talking about the presidential primary! We're completely mystified today by the Chronicle Datebook's reporting that readers don't like their new comic strip Lio.

What? Lio is hilarious! It's like Calvin and Hobbes, only hilariously dark! The drawing is first-rate, the storylines reliably amusing, and, you know, we're kind of starting to really like the squid. So we have absolutely no idea why of the Chronicle readers say they hate it. What do you want, people? A new Garfield?

We've always been puzzled by the taste levels demonstrated by the Chron's comic page readers -- we still complain to anyone that'll listen that it makes absolutely no sense that Luann is the second-most popular strip on the page. LUANN? The unpleasant tales of an unpleasant teen? (First place is held by the treacly but undeniably addictive For Better Or For Worse.)

The Chron wants your comments on whether or not they should keep Lio and the new strip Candorville, which is currently the understudy for Doonesbury as Garry Trudeau takes a small sabbatical. For what it's worth, we really like Candorville -- well drawn, funny but not ham-handed, and does not feature a dog named Puddles. We do desperately miss The Boondocks, though. You can contact the Chron at [email protected].

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