We were craving some cheap, cheap tuna rolls the other day, and figured we'd head out to our favorite sushi place in the whole wide world, Yokoso Nippon, which is, of course, the beloved No Name Sushi on 15th and Church. This is the first sushi place we ever went to in San Francisco! Sure, it's not the highest-quality fish, but you the prices. Like $5 for 16 pieces of hosomaki!

So imagine our horror when we walked up and all the windows were boarded up with white paper, and there was a handwritten sign on the door that said "The restaurant is closed." WHAT??? (There was no name on the restaurant sign either, but, of course, that doesn't mean anything one way or the other.)

What's going on? We checked on Yelp and, while there's a couple theories, no one seemed to be exactly sure on the status. Can someone please let us know?

Please don't say No Name has closed!!! It would truly be the end of an era for us! A single tear rolls down our face, and splashes into our cloudy miso and potato soup.

Picture of No Name, from happier times.

cannot beat