While we can say for sure where the torch route will go tomorrow--KTVU confusedly announced the "official map route" during today's noon broadcast and KPIX interviewed a fake Bono, so we can't be sure of anything anymore--we can take a stab at it, yes? Yes.

Rumor ia that the torch run might----go through Berry Street. You know, that little strip of street near the AT&T park? That borders China Basin? Near SF Weekly's office? Next to the cocaine-like coffee poured by the good folks over at Philz?

Anyway, the UCSF shuttle bus that goes through there had a sign saying that Berry Street "would be closed [tomorrow] but 4th street would be open." Which would make sense: it's a skinny slip of a street with tall buildings surrounding it, perfect for ample police presence. But we'll fill you in with more when (of if) we know the route for sure.