Which leaves us with "Top Chef," where three locals remain after last week's knifing of Erik "Tacos Are From the Street!" Hopfinger.

At the top of the show, there was some bitching from the Spike about Jen and Zoi being a couple, which seemed to be the show's attempt at inserting some drama about having a couple in the house where the really doesn't seem to be any. Whatevs.

In the Top Chef kitchen, Padma showed up with Daniel Boulud for the Quick Fire Challenge. Both Richard La Douche and Ryan had worked with Boulud in the past, but he insisted this would not influence his decisions. The challenge was to demonstrate "technique," which seems to be cutting vegetables fancy-like, and arranging them into pleasing arrangements. Not the most exciting thing to watch being prepared, or eat, so let's cut to the chase: Boulud liked Zoi's poached egg and salad, but Dour Dale's presentation won.