"Ladies and gentlemen, we're sorry," said the voice. "But there has been a fatality involving a train ahead at Menlo Park, and we will be holding here for a little while."

This time we weren't directly involved in the accident, but the conductor from Easter Sunday - the guy who handled himself incredibly well in a stressful situation - was running our train this morning. He was more relaxed, but still somber. After a delay of around thirty minutes, we moved forward, and rode slowly through Menlo Park. From our seat on the west side of the train, we saw the body - two legs, covered in a yellow plastic sheet. It was very quiet on the bike car as we rode past.

Caltrain got up and running quite quickly afterwards, and we pulled into San Francisco about thirty-five minutes late. All trains are 20-30 minutes behind schedule, so if you're headed to the Giants season opener, you might want to leave early.