No, this isn't a miracle of all miracles: what's happening is that unoccupied city government positions will just be permanently unfilled. Of those whose positions actually were occupied, these workers would be "absorbed" into other vacant jobs. (Yeowch. Sounds painful.)

The single largest source of savings, approximately 200 positions, will be eliminated as part of the census reduction at Laguna Honda Hospital. Due to the planned closure of Clarendon Hall in July, there will be a reduction in the capacity from 1050 to 935 beds and thus staffing reductions. The Recreation and Park Department will eliminate 23 vacant positions, including 16 unfilled gardener positions and 7 unfilled maintenance staff positions. The Human Services Agency is eliminating 28 positions, primarily from CalWorks (9 positions) and Family and Children Services (10 positions).

So what does this mean in the end? $29 million saved for 2008-2009. As for the rest of the $338 million deficit? $309 million to go.

Looks like excessive overtime is next on the chopping block.