Although Peet's Coffee kiosks will open up at lucky BART stations later this year, it seems that you won't be able to drink your morning drug while riding to work. Pft. A heavy fine for being caught drinking or eating on Bart, according to the Oakland Tribune, can cost you $250 and up to 48 hours of community service. (BART Police Patrol Bureau Cmdr. Travis Gibson tells the Tribune that "[r]iders can eat and drink inside 'free areas' outside the fare gates ... [b]ut, once inside the 'paid area,' which includes the platform, sipping and chewing are strictly forbidden." Jesus.) Strange, since BART has been giving away free coffee certificates over the past few months.

But BART Board of Directors member Lynette Sweet has a solution: adult sippy cups.


For years, infants and toddlers have been cruelly keeping secret that sippy cups rule. You can flip them over your head, throw them on the kitchen tile while eating your Cheerios, shake them while dancing to "Fruit Salad," and nary a drop comes of out them. Sweet would like to see the ban lifted for those of us that sip our java en route using public transportation using these cups.

Not that anyone really gets busted for drinking on BART. (Have you? If so: chortle.) Nevertheless, we recommend purchasing an adult sippy cup in order to not spill your piping hot beverage on anyone, and to save the environment, or whatever. Peet's will open up at at the Montgomery station in May. Additional locations might open at Pittsburgh/Bay Point, Downtown Berkeley, San Francisco's Civic Center, and Daly City as well. We want to see fun, personalized cups on BART by summer. Bedazzle them if needed.