Our sister site, DCist, brought to our attention the nationwide USASexGuide's massage parlor online guide, which allows men to freely discuss their experiences at local massage parlors while giving helpful reviews. Much to our delight, there's a San Francisco thread, which is a must-read. (To check out DCist's breakdown of all the joyous happy endings, go here.)

To visit SF reviews of local massage parlors, follow the link. It is, we should point out, NSFW. Any other

The site is free to the public and doesn't require any cumbersome registration. Much of the lingo, though, might be foreign to many readers, so here's a nifty glossary of terms that they provide. Many of the reviews offer straightforward information on services, recent raids, price jacking, locations, prostitutes' aesthetics, and more--a helpful and honest online venue where can talk about sex. You'll find this more helpful for men than, with all due respect, the Center for Sex & Culture or a lecture series from postmodern sex workers who haven't seen a drop of semen or felt penile insertion from a "John" in eons.

A few choice reviews:

-- Thats correct. I carried in that amount, she asked for more 1. 6, but I told her that was all that I had. Which was the truth. She said ok fine. Gave me a nice hug and I left. Go and have fun and don't forget to report your experience. Be safe and treat my girls good. LOL

-- She proceeds to give me a BBBJ, then she says oopps I forgot something. She slowly licks me from my crotch to my lips which I turned away. Yohimbebrother does not do the kissing thing. She reaches over and grabs the cop o hot tea and takes a healthy swallow and dives back down and engulfs me. What a feeling that was to feel her mouth and the hot tea. WOW ... damages was .60 at the door and then .80 for tip for such a great job.