We recall receiving these bills as babysitting payment back in the '80s, and they make great gift-accessories for kids as well. But we had never before noticed how interesting the back of the $2 bill is compared to all the other paper U.S. currency, although we haven't seen any $50s or $100s in quite a while either.

The backside features John Trumbull's Declaration of Independence, and according to Wikipedia, it's the second oldest design of current U.S. currency -- from 1976. See the full image. We just love all those dapper-looking dandies, especially the one seated in the foreground with his sexy legs crossed.

two-dollar2.jpgThe front side of the bill, featuring a rather stern-looking Thomas Jefferson, was designed in 1929, making it the oldest design of current U.S. currency. Someone tore poor T.J. in half on this bill. Now, we can see why he's so angry!

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