We're a bit late to the game with these images, but they're well-worth the tardiness. Believe us. Check out shots of Saturday's Church of Scientology protest/L Ron Hubbard celebration. In these images you will find protesters, Bay Area Scientologists, and an oldie-but-goodie NSFW shot thrown in for good measure.

If any CoS Hubbard birthday attendees would like to chime in with regard to what went down or to write about the festivities for SFist, let us know. We're excited to have your input. Also, please do not have us killed. Oh, and for the rest of you, here's a Scientology Classification Gradation and Awareness Chart. You'll want to print this out and hang it up on your dorm room, cubicle, or bedroom wall for sure. It is, for lack of a better word, mind-boggling.

Update: Technical difficulties fixed; view away.

Images: Jim Herd and Encyclopedia Dramatica