Speaking of methamphetamines, the above campaign unleashed the typical brouhaha in the bent community: to chastise or not to chastise speed users? This most recent ad campaign--a four-month media blitz produced by the California Methamphetamine Initiative called "Me, Not Meth"--can been seen throughout the city, mainly in the queer-ish Castro and SOMA neighborhoods. And those ads you've seen on TV? Featuring men sitting at their desks, talking into webcams? Part of the same ad campaign, directed by Hollywood notable Joel Schumacher. How fancy. And expensive. (SF Aids Foundation has more info here.)

While we're not exactly elated about yet another attempt to get the boys off the crack, the latest ad campaign begs the question: will 'Me, Not Meth' make a gram of difference with SF meth use?

Obligatory get-help mention: visit Tweaker.org if you haven't slept in several days, can quit the junk, or need serious help. They have loads of resources if you need it.