WE LOVE MUSIC VIDEO ASIA!!! The annual SFIAAFF program, of videos by Asian and Asian-American artists, was entirely sold out this Wednesday night, with artists and directors happily milling about, as SFIAAFF program director and VJ for the night (and our secret crush object!) Chi-hui Yang smiled munificently at the front of the theater. (Psst -- Chi-hui! Call us!)

Artists and videos of note included the Sufjan-Stevens-like Canadian artist Ohbijou, a Michel Gondry-like video by the Little Ones, Masia One's B-Girl danceoff, and local fave Goh Nakamura. This year's screening also included the winners of the local LOCUS Arts' DIY Video Contest, The Autonomous Region, with a video about the destruction of the I-Hotel in the 70s.

But why are we babbling on and on about this? We can just give you the YouTube clips! The clip up top was our favorite video of the night, "Joe Metro," by the Seattle-based Bahai/Pinoy/Persian hip-hop artists Blue Scholars about the joys of riding the bus. And after the jump, more clips from the Pixies-like Voxtrot, beguiling British-Pakistani quirkster Bat For Lashes, and links to other videos we liked.