At the risk of, like, totally bragging, SFist received another mention in W Magazine! In yet another Jennifer Siebel interview! They can't get enough of her!

In Emily Holt's intriguing profile of Jen, she rehashes comments Siebel made on SFist last year. If you recall, Siebel typed the the immortal words in the comment thread of our Ruby Rippey-Tourk post, "I have tried to see Ruby's side of the story but unfortunately everyone near to her has stories and says she is bad news." And we've been enjoying it ever since.

W Magazine contacted SFist for a quote, but it looks like our accurate quip, "She presumably would like to see the entire SFIst staff brutally murdered," didn't make it past Holt's editor. Alas. But still, thanks for the mention, .

Check out Siebel's latest profile here, or get the gist of it via the following excerpts:


"...Hitchcockian blond..."

"...she sometimes sounds like a Miss America contestant..."

"'I see him being really honest again.'"

"...splayed out on the floor of the Getty mansion..."

"...drinking problem..."

"...not your average arm candy."