Before the world premiere screening of Pretty To Think So at the Clay Theatre on Friday night for the SFIAAFF, one of the directors of the movie, Francis Hsueh, walked the ticket holders line handing out free DVD copies of Party, a documentary from 2006 about the Korean party scene in New York City. "Party" was the first foray into film making by directors Hsueh and Steven Hahn, Wall Street attorneys turned independent filmmakers. What would possess a person to abandon financial security for the precarious life of indie filmmaker you ask? "Being an attorney sucks," said one of the directors during the Q&A after the film.

"Pretty to Think So" is the story of a gal who goes from her immigrant parents' Canal Street handbag store to corporate America only to become torn between her fancy pants lawyer boyfriend and the street hustler kid from her past. "Oh is it kinda like that Reese Witherspoon movie?" asked our plus-one before the show, referencing "Sweet Home Alabama." Well, not quite. This movie is a lot less perky than that and the fact that the female lead is South East Asian and the two male leads are East Asian, means it's the type of film that you might never see in wide distribution.

SFist Mihi, contributing.

After the jump: Where's that title come from? And how was that Party DVD?