Ha ha ha, we saw Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay yesterday at the SF Int'l Asian-Am Film Festival -- ha ha ha! It was pretty awesome. We're not going to spoil it for anyone dying to know what happens to our weed-lovin' heros after they finally made it to that White Castle (H&K 2 premieres for general audiences on April 25), but will provide the following information:

--This movie takes place immediately after the events of the first movie.
--They don't actually spend a lot of time in Guantanamo.
--More pot is smoked in this movie, but the jokes are more political.
--Neil Patrick Harris returns.
--Not one, but two (former) Daily Show cast members appear in the movie.
--Jokes are nastier, and a naked male member is shown.
--It's pretty hilarious.

Also, brief anecdote: In the post-screening Q&A with John Cho (Harold), someone in the audience asked Cho if he had any thoughts about Kal Penn campaigning for Barack Obama. (Kal Penn was not there.) John Cho responded with the story that the way it all went down according to Kal Penn, Penn went to a fundraiser for Barack Obama to learn more about the candidate. Obama came up to him and said, "Hey! My wife and I loved White Castle." Yes we can!

Short trailer for H&K2 above.